The escape room board game for the entire family. Family-time redefined!


Dobbly Games are infused with active, fun and collaborative minigames.


2 - 4




20 - 40

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Children want to keep playing! The playing field is larger than the screen and everybody actively participates.

Fun and challening for children and parents

No more pretending you don’t know! Truly play together with your children. Finally you can be a kidult :)

Dobbly games are endless replayable

All Dobbly games and minigames are replayable. Customize your own play experience for endless family-time fun!

Children learn to collaborate and practice with play

Not by yourself, but with real off-screen interactions, teamwork and having fun together. Collaboration is always key!

Download now and play for free

Co-created with children and their families

Dobbly was born during co-creation sessions with children and their families. The sessions were part of the Future Play Design Challenge Winner Program by LEGO Ventures and CoC Playful Minds. Check out the video (English).


Happy families sharing their experience

Children are really very enthusiastic. They can't wait to play more, and we have to join! Luqo is a screen, but also together! It is really something fun to do together.

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Mother of 2

In my opinion a perfect product to support your kids at home. Especially, if you don't want to have them sit alone behind a screen. Luqo offers an intuitive game play that forces kids to collaborate.

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Father of 2

With Dobbly, Friday evenings are all about the family again: stop the hectic everyday life and focus on each other. It's all about being together!

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Father of 3

When a parent and a child use the push button, the conversations flows automatically.

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Mother of 2

Download now and play for free